Special Cargo
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Special cargo is one that due to its physical characteristics such as size and weight; chemicals such as flammability or volatility; that by their nature are very fragile to time, environment and handling or those that due to their cost or configuration require specialized handling and therefore the design of a particular logistics operation that guarantees the integrity of the cargo and its arrival in optimal conditions to the destination.

Types of Cargo

Heavy Cargo
  • Routes study and design of mobilization plans.
  • Verification of requirements for transit of large and heavy pieces on national highways, according to current regulations and restrictions of road concessions.
  • Structural analysis of bridges, viaducts and other structures in order to determine if there is a need for interventions or reinforcements to guarantee the passage of large loads.
  • Transport service in specialized units for beds, bed cradles, modular.
  • Provision of lifting equipment and cargo handling and securing equipment.
Liquid Cargo
  • Handling of liquid bulks using tanker trucks, isotanks and / or flexitanks.
  • Flexibags assembly and filling service.
  • Provision of flexibags and accessories (coils and heaters)
  • Ground transportation service, guaranteeing compliance with the security and anti-spill plans required according to the substance transported.
  • Negotiation of freight for mobilization of isotanks and flexitanks.
Dangerous Cargo
  • Handling of liquid and solid hydrocarbons.
  • Inventory management, travel scheduling, design of loss mitigation schemes due to product transfer.
  • Validation processes for handling merchandise of restricted use and exclusive use of the FFMM.
  • Design of contingency and spill prevention plans.
Steels, Pipes and
Solid Bulks
  • Receipt and handling in port of all kinds of pipes: raw, threaded, with ceramic and epoxy cover.
  • Carrying out cross docking and emptying of containers in port or in external warehouses.
  • Lashing and preparing pipe/steel on truck.
  • Provision of transportation nationwide, including oil drilling areas.
  • Management of intermodal operations and customs transit for this type of cargo.
  • Handling of particulate bulk in big-bags.
Perishable Cargo
  • Cold room emptying operations.
  • Provision of transport with controlled temperature, refrigerated and frozen.
  • Carrying out transfer operations in sortie containers to guarantee the product's cold chain.
  • Storage services for loads that require temperature control.
Customized Solutions

Project loads are all those that, due to their physical characteristics, present indivisible pieces, which is why the use of specialized equipment is required for their handling; Generally, the project load consists not only of extra-heavy and oversized parts, but also of high-cost and precision equipment.

They can also involve the handling of multiple shipments, request and processing of permits, study of routes, planning of dispatches, compliance with strict delivery schedules and a high degree of coordination of all links in the logistics chain to ensure that everything arrives just in time.

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