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20 Years of Experience

WORLD CARGO INTERNATIONAL S.A.S. is our international cargo agency, we are specialized in the transportation of goods from both Colombian and foreign companies, with alliances with national and international airlines and shipping companies, which allows us to offer a complete service to our clients.
  • Gambling machines

  • Textiles, Apparel and Footwear

  • Machinery for all Production Sectors

  • Electrical and Lights

  • White Line

  • Food Products

  • Toys

Our Vision


To be recognized in the global market as the company that offers the highest quality standards in the provision of comprehensive service in foreign trade at a national and international level. With a highly committed, motivated and trained human team that allows it to be innovative and flexible to the changes of globalization.

Our Mission

Offer and guarantee a comprehensive and professional service in foreign trade, characterized by high technology, reliability, agility, personalized attention and cost optimization, contributing to the success of our clients, the well-being of our employees and profitability for the company's partners.

Our Value

  • We have honest, qualified, suitable, satisfied collaborators, with a sense of belonging, pride and respect towards the company and towards our clients, who contribute to continuous improvement.
  • Participatory leadership in the tasks we undertake with flexibility, agility and willingness to change. Orient our work to the commitment acquired with the client, with responsibility and respect for people.
  • Achieve excellence in the performance of our activities based on principles and values, actively participating with the democracy and development of the country.

Quality Objectives

  • Guarantee the effectiveness and efficiency in the provision of freight transport, import and export services.
  • Train, motivate and permanently evaluate the organization's collaborators.
  • Generate long-term relationships with our suppliers, evaluating the quality of their products and services.
  • Guarantee the satisfaction of the needs of our clients to generate long-term relationships.
  • Guarantee the continuous improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of the Integrated Management System.

Quality Policy

To develop the services inherent to the logistics of national and international foreign trade, satisfying the needs of our clients through an effective and efficient operation, carrying out each process with responsibility and reliability through continuous improvement work.